Summer 2023 Blind Collection

Summer 2023 Blind Collection

$120 for Club Members

We are so excited to offer this set of four wines that you can enjoy as a fun blind challenge at your leisure! The set consists of two whites (wines 1 and 2) and two reds (wines 3 and 4), and they ship to you wrapped in a sleeve to conceal their identity. Obviously, we can't tell you what you're going to get (that's the fun of it!), but we can tell you that one of the wines is a 94 point scoring library wine!

Included in your box is a hint sheet with a few potential options for each bottle. Once you make a guess on a wine, you can use the provided QR code on the sheet to view a video of one of our team members revealing the wine and talking a little bit about it. Feel free to mix it up and take your time; there's no need to do all the wines at once!

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